bookmark_borderDifferences Between Male and Female Brains

The brains of men and women are the same biologically but they may differ when it comes to love and sex. Love is one of the areas where men and women think differently. This may be the reason why they may search for different things when searching for love on an online dating service. These differences may affect how each sex approaches to love and new relationships on a dating site. So, what are the main differences between male and female brains and why are they important in love and sex?

1. Men and women love differently

While men and women love equally they have a different way of expressing affection for their partners. A man may show affection by initiating intimacy or through various activities. Usually, men are the first to initiate sex in heterosexual relationships. Women may be more accommodating, making more time for their partners. Women are more likely to let themselves loose completely when they are in love and put their partner first. This might make people think that women are better at loving. But it all depends on how both sexes show love.

2. Sexuality

Women tend to be more conservative when it comes to sex. This may be primarily based on what society expects from women. However, this attitude is changing partly because of the rise of online dating. Single women on an online dating site may be just as bold as men when it comes to intimacy and sex. Women want intimacy first then sex. The opposite can be said for men. Men respond automatically to a body part that they find attractive. That is why men on a dating site are more likely to be attracted by the physical features of an individual.

3. Communication

How men and women communicate on a dating service or in a relationship differs. Here are some differences:

  • Men see talking more relevant for solving problems,
  • Women want to talk as a way of being more intimate,
  • Women see communication as a way of releasing negative feelings.

Men are less likely to be verbal about any negative issues in a relationship as compared to women. Also, men usually listen more than participate in a conversation. A man who wants to find a woman online may be more attentive. Because men usually focus on listening, they tend to share less about themselves, especially their insecurities. Women may share their passions and biggest fears with the person they love. But men usually choose to skip this, only talking about general things like work or a bad day.


Men and women may differ in certain areas when it comes to love and sex. Women are more willing to talk and share with their partners how they feel and what they expect from a relationship. Even though there are differences between men and women in love and sex, there are so many exceptions. Some men and women may have a mixture of behaviors from both sexes. Ultimately what affects a person attitude toward love and sex is the surrounding environment and circumstances in life.

bookmark_borderCross-cultural Dating in Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia has played a vital role in the independence of America and has been home to some very famous patriots. It also was the place where the Constitution of America was drafted and its first reading happened. The city is also one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the nation with interracial dating immensely popular. One of the best ways to begin dating in Philadelphia is by joining an online dating site. Whether you are looking to find a woman online or singles, online dating is the most convenient way of hooking up a partner. There are plenty of interracial single women and men in Philadelphia, and all it takes is to join a first-rate dating service to meet them.

Few tips about successful dating in Philadelphia

Location counts

The city stretches across 135 square miles and divided into neighborhoods. Most of them have an ethnic background and are also culturally diverse. Those living in these neighborhoods find it ideal for interracial dating. Philadelphia is home to people from various ethnic backgrounds like Latino, Caribbean, Greek, Italian, Polish and Asian etc. The great thing about Philly is you could hook up for interracial dates with people from any culture or background. However, staying in a central location like the downtown area is definitely an advantage. It is among the most cosmopolitan areas in the city along with a very vibrant nightlife and cultural scene, making it easy to meet and connect with prospective partners. Although for those living further in the suburbs with no issue of commuting, interracial dating is just as feasible.

Choose a workplace

Philly offers plenty of work opportunities making it a great place to settle into. An added bonus is there are plenty of opportunities for mingling with people of different races making interracial dating very convenient and easy. Some of the key areas for job opportunities include health, business, government and education. Another area where the city is thriving with plenty of the millennial generation heading to the city to work is technology. Getting around is not a hassle because of the well-developed transport network including efficient public transit.

Economical to live

The good news for young folks moving to hilly is while it may be a tad bit more expensive than some similar sized towns; it definitely is far more economical than other major American cities both on the East and West Coast. Housing and entertainment are much more budget-friendly making its thriving nightlife scene very affordable to go on dates.

Great city to be single

For singles living in the US, Philadelphia is one of the best cities to live and work in. An added benefit for men looking for eligible partners is the women outnumber the men in the city. It is the right place to explore the prospects of interracial dating. Since there is plenty of competition with a large number of women and singles in the city, the ladies will have to work extra hard to beat the competition.

The fact is when it comes to interracial dating Philly is one of the best cities in the US to find partners from other ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

bookmark_borderTake Control of Your Emotions and Find Your Partner on a Dating Site

Sometimes your emotions can have such a huge impact on your life. Certain emotions can affect your health and dating life as well. Until you deal with them, it will be really hard to start a relationship even if you join an online dating site. The good thing is that you can learn how to control your emotions so that they affect your relationship. Here are some effective ways on how to control your emotions:

  • Stay calm when you are tensed out.
  • Figure out what gets you upset most.
  • Try new ways to calm down and deal with anger.
  • Find ways of speaking about how you feel.
  • Take time to decide how you want to react.

Once you have a hold of your emotions then finding single women or men on an online dating service should be easier. It is not easy to find a woman online. So here is a guide on how you can find the right partner on an online dating service.

Have some fun

Online dating, going on dates or meeting singles should be fun. Although you may feel pressured to meet someone, rushing can make you pick the wrong person. Having fun means doing things that make you happy. When you are happy it’ll be easier to find the right partner because you understand that happiness doesn’t lie in someone else but you.

Know what you want

How can you find the right partner on a dating site if you don’t know what you want? Take out some time to figure out what you are looking for in a relationship and the kind of person you want to be with. This way it will be easier to know who is the right or wrong person for you.

Watch out for warning signs

People always give off some warning signs that they are abusive or not trustworthy. You just need to be very observant. So when you are looking for singles on an online dating site, keep your eyes open and be attentive. There are certain vibes that people may give off that will show that the relationship will not work out.

Be honest about your shortcomings

The truth is that no one is perfect. So you don’t have to worry about how you will come across. Someone who truly loves you will b understandings of your flaws. So you don’t have to lie about them from the beginning. Starting a relationship based on lies is a recipe for disaster.

Handle rejection with grace

Rejection is just another part of dating. It is either you who will be rejected or rejecting someone else. Either way, you should handle this unpleasant situation gracefully. Don’t let it make you feel like you are not good enough. Rejection is not the end, it just gives you the chance to begin again.


Dealing with your emotions will help you find the right partner. Get to know what you want and then go for it. If things don’t work out, don’t feel like you are not good enough, maybe the person is just not right for you. Be yourself throughout will land you the love of your life.

bookmark_borderLove Life, Dating and Reasons Why We Need It

People have a different perspective on love. At this point, it should be known that love and sex are intertwined but are still different. For some people, love is a sacrifice, while for some it is commitment and for others it is freedom.

Does love really exist?

As per Sigmund Freud, love is an emotional investment to receive sexual satisfaction. Also, another reason love exists is that there is something that you saw in your partner on a dating site which you lack. That makes you complete and satisfied. Sigmund Freud also added that you must have a void to be able to love and complete it. If you think you are complete and fulfilled and that you don’t need anything, you wouldn’t need love. Humans are not the perfect beings, therefore, yes we need love to fulfill ourselves.

Why do people love?

There are various reasons why people need to love. As told before, different perspective exists and you might not know your point of view. Following are some psychological reasons why people need love.

To be loved back

Human beings are social animals and in order to live a good life, it is important to be loved. That will only happen when you love others too. It is easy to find partners using a dating service. What you give is what you get. Being loved is a great feeling even while using online dating. It makes you feel important and secure. It also removes the feeling of loneliness.

Sexual overestimation

According to Sigmund Freud, you sometimes think too highly about other people. This overshadows their negative sides. You love this perfect person because you also want to be perfect. You basically overestimate this partner and you want to love this person because of those perfections. Also, men are active lovers while single women are the objects to be loved (mostly passive lovers).

Physical needs

Of course, love has one more function of reaching sexual satisfaction. Everyone has sexual desires to fulfill and that is gotten by love in most cases. You might have casual encounters via an online dating site for sex but until you get the emotional attachment, sex is not as satisfying as it should be.

Your ego

Sometimes when you think highly of yourself and you have been used to date whomever you want and then you don’t get one person to hang out with. That hurts your ego. In order to satisfy your ego, you start loving this person and leave everyone else. That person becomes your passion to satisfy your own ego.

An online dating service can be used nowadays to find someone to love who has the same mentality as yours. Yes, love and affection are needed to feel more human and be loved. Love is a basic human need that might be fulfilled by dating.