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Looking for casual dating? Look no more

November 6, 2019

People usually blame casual daters for ruining online dating and all its romance. There is nothing wrong with dating without commitment. But as a casual dater, you have to include some specific information in your dating profile. Some people prefer to keep their intentions of casual dating a secret so as not to discourage other people. But you must not give hope to people who are searching for real love if you’re not.

Here some basic tips for your profile if you don’t want serious dating

Be Honest

This is the key element for your success. Be honest in your intentions. Yes, this will put some people off your profile, but all in all, you don’t need to charm everybody. On the contrary, users that are looking for the same type of love will feel free to contact you.

Including phrases like “Looking for some fun” or “don’t want commitment” will tell people what you want and save both your and their time.

Talk about Your Life

Add details to your profile, tell others about your lifestyle. Maybe you’re new to the city and want to meet new people, or you’ve come here for a couple of days and are just looking for fun. Make sure people understand your goals here.

Keep Everything Light

If you’re looking for casual dating, keep your profile light-hearted and fun. Avoid serious photos, long descriptions, and a serious tone of voice. Instead, opt for funny photos, maybe even flirty photos. Try to be spontaneous and fun in your description.

Attract Casual Daters

If you want to attract casual darers, you have to look for them in the right place. Such dating sites as eHarmony, or Zoosk focus on serious dating, and fewer people there search for one-night friends. Instead, you can feel free to join Tinder, OkCupid, or Bumble. You can also narrow your search by website filters. Choose “casual relationship” and you will receive thousands of people who share your views on dating.

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