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How to Get a Perfect Profile Picture

November 6, 2019

Dating apps have become a part of our lives. Now it’s okay when people meet via a dating site because everyone has accepted that dating sites help. It’s even awkward to not having a dating app profile nowadays. So, as online dating is getting more and more popular, you have to put more effort in to draw attention to your profile.

Show Yourself

Yeah, it’s fun when you put a cat pic as your profile because everyone likes cats. But at the same time, who will love you? Without a pic of you on your profile, most people are likely to skip it and forget you forever.

Be Different

The phone angle is just above the eyes, the head is turned right a little bit, and you are smiling. Voila! You’ve got the perfect selfie. When you find your ideal selfie, it’s difficult to change. However, uploading 5 identical selfies to your profile makes a little sense.

Add a picture of you riding a bike or dancing at a party. These pictures will get more attention and also say more about what kind of person you are.

Fresh Photos

We all love old photos. They keep memories, we are younger in them, and we feel more confident about uploading them. But what’s the point? You may have changed a lot from who you were at that time. Maybe you have changed your style, got a different haircut or hair color, or maybe you’ve gained a few pounds. It’s important to accept your current state and be brave enough to show off yourself as you are now.


In the early era of dating sites blurred and fuzzy pictures were okay. On one hand, people avoided showing themselves off, on the other hand, devices couldn’t take pictures in high resolution back then. Right now your smartphone is 5 times as powerful as the rocket that was sent to the Moon. So why don’t you take high-quality photos? Take your time and make sure that people will be able to recognize you in the photo.

More Photos

If you don’t have lots of photos, it’s important to invest some time in taking a few solid new ones. Ask your friends to help, they will be glad to help you, we’re sure. Photos should be in focus and reflect your personality. Upload them and enjoy the likes and messages from matches.

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