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5 Secrets of Creating a Headline

November 6, 2019

Creating a profile on a dating site seems easy, but there are many important things to consider that may influence your success. Such things as height, education, and hobbies are easy to complete, however, when you see a blank space under “About Me”, it’s difficult to come up with something interesting or catchy.

Here are 5 secrets to making your profile description stand out from the crowd. Use them to bring more visitors and matches!

1. Keep It Funny

Studies have revealed that men who create funny profiles get more messages from women. If you haven’t learned how to be funny yet, take ideas from your favorite TV show or film. In this way you may get a double benefit, a girl may like your joke or the film it originated from. Voila, you have a topic to discuss!

2. Love, Love, Love

Most people join dating sites to find love. So why don’t you be honest and share your wishes and goals? If you want to add more romance to your description, search for love quotes and use them. But please, don’t use the most common, cliched ones.

3. Describe Yourself

Researches from dating sites revealed that some words attract people more than others. For example, everyone likes optimistic, sweet, and spontaneous people. Give yourself a positive assessment, highlight your positive sides, but try not to sound arrogant.

4. Talk about Your Hobbies

Your interests make you special. People want to communicate with others who have the same hobbies as them. They will also get a clear picture of what kind of person you are and what to ask in a first message. For men, activities they should include are surfing, hiking, and live music. Women should include things like yoga, acting, and fashion.

5. Be Confident

Be honest, if you’re good at painting, say so. If you won the school math contest, write about it. But don’t try to be too good. What does this mean? People don’t believe it when everything is super positive. Stay humble and they will like you.

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