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8 Ideas for an Awesome First Date

November 4, 2019

The first date sets the tone for your relationships and decides whether you will have another date or not. As well as appearance, you check the chemistry between you and discover some important life views. So, it’s good to plan your first date so that you have a chance to get to know each other better, as well as spend an interesting time together. Here are some top ideas on where to spend your first date.

1. Picnic for two

A picnic is always a good idea. Fresh air, good food, and refreshing drinks create good vibes for open communication, especially if you know a secret location with a stunning view. One thing to consider is the weather. If it’s rain, your picnic will be ruined.

Go to the nearest grocery store to buy all the ingredients you’re going to treat your partner with. And also don’t forget to buy a bottle of good wine to enliven the tone of your date. If you don’t drink alcohol, bring some juice or lemonade with you. You don’t need lots of money for it, that’s one more advantage of a picnic date. Grab your bag, a cozy blanket, your match and have fun.

Remember that a picnic doesn’t require fancy clothing, so if you want to impress your partner with your sophisticated style, choose another situation. Opt for comfy and cute clothes.

2. Take a walk

Use the chance to explore nature together! You can visit the beach, mountain, or simply explore the nearest park. Look online for ready-made trails that aren’t difficult and far away. Remember that it’s the first date and being around other people is preferable.

3. Go bowling or play mini golf

Activities introduce a sense of competition and bring a lot of fun. Find a decent bowling or mini-golf course in your city and get ready for unforgettable emotions. Just remember that the purpose of this date is to get to know each other, don’t put all your efforts into being a winner.

4. Ride a bike

If you can ride a bike – congrats, you’re a step away from your ideal date. Cycling is fun and allows you to see a person from another side. Plan your route, find a fascinating destination point, rent bikes, and start your trip!

5. Visit a planetarium

When was the last time you visited a planetarium? Your first date is a great chance to create a romantic atmosphere and look at the stars. A planetarium is also a great place to learn something new together, this will only make you closer.

6. Spa

You have to be bold to suggest and agree to such a first date. There are two possible outcomes: you may get closer or sit awkwardly next to each other. At least you will understand what do next.
If you feel that a spa day is your type of first date – choose a spa and browse their website. Usually, there are some special offers for couples. Book activities that will help you relax and have a sincere conversation in the intimate atmosphere.

7. Go to the ice skating rink

There is something extremely romantic about ice skating. Lots of lights, freezing air, and warm sweaters create cozy vibes. Moreover, if you’re not a professional skater, you may need help, so holding hands is guaranteed!

8. Have dinner together

Go to a fancy restaurant, somewhere you would never go in other circumstances. Order a new dish and try it together. This day will stay in your memory not only because of the date, but also because of the new experience you had.

Choose one of these options and create the most comfortable first date ever!


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