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Top 5 Sitcoms About Relationships to Watch in 2019

July 17, 2019

Sitcoms are one of the best ways of bringing comedy and romance together. If you love the entertainment provided by sitcoms, you definitely have to check out the list provided below. Although some of the entrances have not been on the air for quite some time, it is safe to say that all have aged well and are still enjoyable in 2019. In no particular order, here are some of the best sitcoms with great stories about relationships:


Friends are one of the most popular sitcoms not all time. If you grew up in the ’90s and early 2000’s chances are that you have probably seen it. This sitcom launched in 1994 and concluded in 2004 follows a group of six friends who live together in a New York City apartment. These friends are willing to test the limits of their friendship which adds to the hilarity of the show. Relationships and dating is an important aspect of this show which is explored in almost all 236 episodes.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom that does a good job bringing together science, comedy, and relationships. This sitcom follows the story of four scientists and their interactions with not only each other but with women around them. The awkward situations the characters are put in is great for comedy and the character development through the seasons is indeed impressive. The Big Bang Theory finally concluded on May 16, 2019, after 12 seasons.

How I Met Your Mother

How I met your mother is another iconic sitcom that is timeless. It doesn’t matter if you watched it during its tv run-time (2005-2014) or now, you will still find it incredibly hilarious. You are presented with men looking for women and every relationship is unique. It is very easy to connect with almost all the characters in this sitcom and can’t help but to be on their side. If you haven’t seen this show, now seems like a great time to do so.

Two And a Half Men

Two and a half men is a great sitcom about a man living with his brother and nephew. The show was later modified when the original show’s Charlie Sheen was replaced by Ashton Kutcher for the last 5 seasons of 12. The sitcom is incredibly funny and can be a great option during your morning breakfast. Two and a half men is basically what you get when you mix fiery personalities, single women and great comedy.

Rules of Engagement

Rules of engagement is the shortest running show on this list. However, it is also very funny and does a good job of tackling the relationship issue. The sitcom includes two married couples and their womanizing friend who is always looking for single women. It is a great sitcom to watch and is worth giving a shot.


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